Anne Bramham's
The Nature of Wellness

With a focus on health, wellness and beauty from the inside out, ASTECC’s Esthetician and Therapist trainings emphasize analysis, therapeutic techniques, protocols and the application of natural elements. Featuring trainings in Dr. Vodder’s MLD, Soft Tissue disciplines, Hydrotherapy and Bio-Chemical Elements, ASTECC trainings draw on the regenerative nature of touch and natural elements to balance and restore tissue integrity and ‘constitutional’ 

Our Mission
To touch, empower, nurture and inspire.

Our Vision
To communicate thru touch and natural elements, the life affirming potential of spa’s organic gifts.
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Courses for Licensed Estheticians

Courses for Licensed Massage Therapists

Anne Bramham

ASTECC Founder & Instructor
A respected industry mentor with more than 30 years of professional experience as consultant, teacher, therapist and designer of spa therapies. Anne Bramham is the founder of ASTECC (American Spa Therapy and Education Certification Council) and the owner of the Bramham Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. An instructor of Manual Lymph Drainage with the Vodder School since 1995, Anne opened the first hospital based Lymphedema treatment center in South Florida.
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Ashley Jo Cantrell

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Leah Carver