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The world's most effective spa therapies, shared.
I’m Cecily Braden, a licensed esthetician and professional educator, recently honored as American Spa Magazine's "2020 Educator of the Year."  I’m pleased to welcome you to my school.

I’ve been in the spa and wellness industry for 29 years, developing, practicing and teaching spa treatments based on the traditional techniques and philosophies of global cultures.

I’ve traveled extensively throughout Asia, learning directly from Thai Masters and Indonesian Healers, always with one mission: to bring home the knowledge I’ve gained and share it with those unable to make the journey on their own.

I'm excited now to share that journey with you.

  — Cecily Braden
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Our Courses

The Cecily Braden Spa & Wellness Academy offers courses for both professional and personal use.

Licensed spa and wellness professionals will find the comprehensive training they need to bring holistic and authentic global spa therapies to their clients. Many of our therapies, such as our Gua Sha Facial Fusion and Thai Herbal Poultice Facial Massage (coming soon), are not available elsewhere. And most courses are approved for NCBTMB continuing-education credits.

For personal use, we offer self-care courses designed for anyone who seeks to bring more natural therapies into their daily skincare regimen.
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Our Promise

Cecily Braden has long believed that the only true measure of any therapy is a demonstrable result. For that reason, every therapy we teach is not only culturally authentic, it is well-researched, responsible, and grounded in proven anatomical and physiological science.

You will not find more effective training, and more effective global spa therapies, anywhere. That’s our promise.
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