Ecology In Motion Facial Gua Sha

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4-Day Live Workshop
Gua Sha theory, plus practical application of the nature-based principals of Chinese medicine.
Professionals & Non-pros
Available to Licensed Skin & Body Professionals and Holistic Wellness Enthusiasts 
Certification | 32 CE Hours
Students will receive certification, plus 32 CE Hours for eligible participants. 
Ecology in Motion Facial Gua Sha is a 4-day professional course centered around the practical application of elegant nature-based principles of ancient Chinese medicine and how they can dramatically enhance your Facial Gua sha treatments.

This is not your typical 'meridians and acupoints' but something fresh and enlightening with a combination of beautiful foundational concepts and detailed practical Gua sha skills to put theory into practice instantly. Based on Clive's extensive studies of Gua sha, he'll present a whole system of approaching Facial Gua sha which looks at the face and the body together while exploring their close relationship with the natural world and the environment around us.
In EIM, the face is divided into distinct ecosystems and in addition to a detailed protocol of local Gua sha treatment on the face, we follow these ecosystems down the body and locate numerous sites on the neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs which have a direct impact on the circulation patterns of the face. In this way you see the big picture and not just the localized area of the face. It also means that you get to learn some of the applications of Gua sha for health and wellness in addition to beauty-based treatment. 

The course is neatly divided into two aspects represented by the levels. Level 1 looks at the external structure of the face and body and how Gua sha can impact it on a muscular-fascia level. It introduces a solid foundation for effective Facial Gua Sha treatments, and the skills you need to deliver these treatments included in a comprehensive protocol. Level 2 looks internally at how emotions and circulation impairments can influence facial appearance and builds on the strong foundations of level 1. We explore Botox and fillers and target specific areas of the face for more intense treatment to expand the protocol and deliver a world-class treatment. 

Combining theory along with hands-on techniques, you will leave this class with a solid understanding of effective Facial Gua Sha treatments, finely-tuned skills and techniques for using your Gua sha tool to maximize the effects of your treatments and a clear approach for delivering great results.      

Pre-course reading: Facial Gua Sha book (revised edition) and Self-Healing with Chinese Medicine.
  • Apply principles of natural science to the face
  • Integrate new ideas of beauty and health
  • Apply support treatments to the head, neck, shoulders and chest
  • Combine knowledge of the body and the face to enhance your treatments
  • Understand Botox and fillers from Chinese medicine
  • Learn how to plan Facial Gua sha treatments
  • Make connections in fascia and muscles across the body
  • Use strategies to target common facial aging features
  • Explore the tissue structures, areas and circulation patterns of the face
  • Target treatments to the upper face, mid-face, jaw and lower face
  • Use different Gua sha techniques for every body ecosystem
  • Restore vitality and vibrancy to the face
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Course overview
4-Day Live Workshop
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  • Petaluma, CA | Sept 23-26
  • Lakewood, CO | Sept 29-Oct 2
  • New York, NY | Oct 6-9

**Please note these are the only dates/locations for 2024 in the US

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Approved  for (32) NCBTMB &
(31) NCCAOM CE Hours

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This 4-day Facial Gua sha workshop is one of a kind and will introduce you to the foundational ecological ideas of ancient Chinese medicine and teach you to apply principles of the natural world to your face and body through Facial Gua sha.

Skills you will learn include an elegant treatment protocol of the upper, lower and lateral side of the face; the specific Gua sha postures and movements for each separate ecosystem of the body and face; to understand connections with other parts of the body that have a direct impact on the face; how to target treatments on the scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back and chest; to gain a sophisticated understanding of how movement and emotion can impact the face and how to treat this within an organized plan of treatments.

This is an opportunity to get the real story and see what Facial Gua sha actually is, how it works, where it comes from and how to use it within its own context in order to give amazing natural treatments.
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Day 1:  Level 1 Theory + Hands-on practice

Explore key principles of Ecology in Motion and deepen your understanding of Facial Gua sha. Learn what is behind every treatment, what happens under the skin and how you can enhance your treatments. Deepen your knowledge of external structures and muscle relationships and learn new techniques specific to the upper face and its related body areas - the back, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Explore how to apply these ideas to get the best out of your Facial Gua sha treatments, and systematically target areas of the face with knowledge of anatomical structures, circulation patterns and treatment methods during hands-on practice and a complete local treatment on the face.

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Day 2:  Level 1 Theory + Hands-on practice

Develop your Facial Gua sha treatment using knowledge of anatomy, movement and the body circulation system to utilize a range of body areas to directly affect the face. We look specifically at the mid-lower and side of the face and at how to enhance these with key areas on the front and side of the body. Each of these are self-contained ecosystems and require specific tool techniques.

Learn a sequence for the mid-lower and side of the face which incorporates the universal principles of nature and also how to target areas on the face utilizing the chest, shoulders, arms and legs. Combine integrated and targeted treatment strategies on the face and body with a focus on hands-on practice and developing your confidence as a practitioner of Facial Gua sha. 
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Day 3:  Level 2 Theory + Hands-on practice

Explore internal patterns of EIM Facial Gua sha and learn how to apply them to improve your facial treatments. We look in detail at the emotional impact on the face and explore what emotions mean within the principles of nature. We then look at what this means for Facial Gua sha technique and treatment location.

We focus on above and below the eye area with new techniques in addition to the foundational protocol introduced in Level 1.  We also explore the use of Botox and how to approach it with Gua sha and focus on specific facial features and common disorders of the face. You also get to refine your style with regular hands-on practice and attentive monitoring to protect your posture and enhance tool fluidity.

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Day 4:  Level 2 Theory + Hands-on practice

We continue with an exploration of the emotional effects on the face and look at the mid-lower and side of the face. We explore cheek laxity, tension in the TMJ and how to address these with Gua sha. We also look at the effect of fillers in the mid-face and how to approach them with Facial Gua sha.

In addition explore how to develop targeted treatment plans based on specific circulation systems to maximize results, leading to a higher client return rate. And how a client-centered approach fits within EIM Facial Gua Sha, along with thorough hands-on practice and additional protocols to expand and enhance what you can offer. The idea being you leave with the confidence , skills and know-how to implement everything immediately.
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Holistic Therapist & Facialist

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Facialist & Gua Sha Distributor UK
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Holistic Facialist
The EIM courses are also recognized in the USA by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). The 4-day EIM course is eligible for 32 CE hours. It is also recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is eligible for 31 CE hours.

We are also an approved education provider for the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, South Carolina Massage/Bodywork Panel, Tennessee Board of Massage Licensure and Massage Therapists' and Wholistic Practitioners' Association of the Maritimes.

The course is also applicable for many CEU/CPD/PDA Certification programs in the UK and other countries. If you have any specific query about recognition, contact me for clarification.

Clive Witham

Best-selling author and creator of Ecology in Motion Gua sha, Clive Witham has spent 20+ years treating with and writing about Gua sha for health and beauty. As well as being a licensed acupuncturist and qualified health promotion specialist, he is Director of the Komorebi Institute and its Research Center in Barcelona, Spain.

He has written five books on Gua sha and Facial Gua sha published in six languages and constantly tries to refine and adapt how we use Gua sha based on ancient knowledge, natural science and best practice.

Komorebi Institute 

The Komorebi Institute is dedicated to training the next generation of Gua sha practitioners. It is focused on developing the knowledge and practical skills from the world of nature-based Chinese medicine and to apply these to foster effective facial and body Gua sha treatments.

The institute exclusively researches, trains and provides a knowledge base for Gua sha and Facial Gua sha, and is also at the forefront of promoting Gua sha as an effective low-cost, community-based therapy in the majority world, and especially in count
ries where healthcare facilities are limited.