Aypa by Mirella Crovetto

Mystic Inka Ritual

This secret Incan ritual combines sacred native plants and ancient practices to deeply feed the body, energize the soul and provide the perfect escape to a sublime, magical journey of wellness, beauty and body purification. 

Throughout the treatment, you and your clients will explore new exotic aromas and textures from powerful Andean superfood-based body products that are applied in a traditional Incan sequence: 
  1. Purple Corn exfoliant to purify
  2. Lucuma warming body mask to energize
  3. Sacha Inchi oil to regenerate
  4. Quinoa Cream to nurture
The Mystic Inka Ritual is a global spa experience that delights all the senses and transports you back in time. 
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5-weeks free access 
On-site Training
On-site training is available by request.
Globa Spa ritual
An unforgettable global spa experience.
Start Today! Your 5-week access to Modules 1-8 begin the moment you enroll. The course takes approximately 2-hours to complete. At the end, you can practice along with the final review step-by-step full-length video. 
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The inspiration for the Mystic Inka Ritual evolved from the culture of the people of the Peruvian Andes, who viewed the world as a whole and understood that the Earth was their source of life and their place to live and to share their lives. The Earth provided them with everything they needed for existence, and in return they nurtured the land and protected it.

Through their rituals of giving back to nature, the Andean people believed they preserved their identity. By taking care of the environment, they created well-being, living in perfect harmony with nature.

A glimpse into the course

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What's included?

  • 8 Modules
  • Aypa Product knowledge
  • Video Instruction & Review
  • Pro Tips for FAQ's
  • 1 Quiz
  • Protocol: Step-by-step PDF Guide

Aypa Starter Kits

Due to requests to add items to the starter kit, we will invoice you separately. 
Professional Starter Kit
(1pc each | prof size)

  • Purple Corn Body Exfoliant 
  • Lucuma Body Mask 
  • Sacha Inchi Body Oil
  • Quinoa Body Cream
Palo Santo (optional)
Due to requests to add items to the starter kit, we will invoice you separately. 

Self-care Retail Starter Kit

(3pc | retail size)

  • Purple Corn Body Exfoliant
  • Quinoa Body Cream 

Professional Instruction

Instruction includes pre-recorded video demonstrations + a downloadable PDF Step-by-step protocol and treatment guide 

You may opt to send a video  for review and personal feedback.

Cultural Connection


Once certified, you're able to join our community of like-minded Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers to continue your learning experience through video sharing, discussion and updates. 
As part of our dedication to maintain the Peruvian traditions, Mirella Crovetto shares her voice, experience and wisdom to help you deepen your practice and connection with the use and understanding of Andean healing practices.

Each product purchase support local Peruvian communities and farmers, 

Mirella Crovetto

All our CJB Educators have been trained by Mirella Crovetto, Founder Aypa.