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Do you want to learn Gua Sha, but you don't know where to begin?

Have you had training and want to take the next steps and focus on Gua Sha techniques based solely on Chinese Medicine?  Do you desire a deeper understanding of treatment methods that focus on the anatomical structures and meridians throughout the body that affect the face?

If yes, this is the path for you and my courses are designed to help you build a deeper foundation and effective treatment protocol with reliable results. 

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Ecology in Motion Facial Gua sha is based on the simple idea that we are not just closely connected to the natural world, we are the natural world! The channels in our body and faces are not just "meridians" but river system with specific ecosystems and we can understand how they work and how to affect them by looking into patterns that affect rivers, trees, flowers and the environment around us. 
"We are not just closely connected to the natural world; we are the natural world."
—Clive Witham
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Clive Witham

LAc MSc OMBAcC, Author
Clive Witham LAc MSc OMBAcC is a licensed acupuncturist and health educator in Barcelona, Spain. He has been treating patients for 20 years, 10 of them in a specialized clinic in a small Spanish enclave in North Africa. He has authored four books on East Asian medicine which have been published in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish and also regularly edits a tourist guidebook in Japan. He has also published articles for Spirituality and Health and Yoga Magazine.

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