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Comprehensive training in global spa therapies for professional use and self-care, from America’s leading spa & wellness educator.


My dream of creating a global spa marketplace and educational resource center began in 1994 and the goal of sharing, from rare botanicals to indigenous massage techniques and beliefs that imbibe spa rituals from around the world, has become my life's work. 

The Cecily Braden Spa & Wellness Academy is the culmination of 28 years of travel, study, creating protocols and cultivating relationships around the globe in order to bring the world of wellness to you. 

My desire to share the Earth’s abundant treasures, the commitment to compassionately care for others, bring happiness and awareness through ancient healing prac
tices while maintaining the traditions of each culture has always been the driving force. 

All our comprehensive training programs are well-researched and supported by products that are indigenous to each region and manufactured locally by communities and companies who are dedicated to protecting the mega biodiversity of their land and are proud to share the healing culture of their people with you. 
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